Ramón Toon Brunner-Settels

* 24 mei 2000 - 3 juni 2000 †

Alwin en Renée

Voor ons lieve kleine ventje

Every so often
a person comes into your life
and leaves a mark on your heart
that time will never erase.

Every so often
that person is the love of your life,
a treasured friend,
or a loving parent.


Every so often
that person is a stranger who comes and goes in a flash
leaving nothing to prove he was here
except for the fact that you are completely changed.


Every so often
that person is both of these things
someone you love and cherish above all else
yet whose laugh you will never hear, whose kiss you will never feel.

Every so often
that person is a child
whose brief life touches more people
than he might have even known had he lived longer.

And that is the gift
a person like Ramón
can bring to us
every so often.


Ramón is geboren na een voorspoedige zwangerschap van ruim 41 weken als een blozende baby van 3800 gram.
Het zuurstoftekort, ontstaan bij zijn geboorte, is hem echter fataal geworden.

Ons kereltje Ramón.